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What a Glorious Afternoon Stroll through the Berkshire Downs!

The sky was blue, the sun was shining. It was peaceful and serene as we set out for an afternoon walk across the rolling green hills of the Berkshire Downs today. With me were my three companions for this week’s sit Mia, Amber and Jake.

Mia carried one of her beloved toys with her all the way, only dropping it occasionally for me to throw for her.

Sweet Amber, the easy going explorer, ambled along at a leisurely pace taking in all the wonderful scents along our walk. She stuck close, frequently stopping to sniff an interesting tuft of grass. Her wagging tail and beautiful face makes my heart sing.

Happy-go-lucky Jake was eager to chase the pheasants. To his disappointment being on a lead curbed his ability to follow his feathered friends.

A refreshing and rejuvenating walk through the natural beauty of the Downs with spectacular views of quintessential English countryside.

What a splendid way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in October! 🌞🍂

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