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Paw Prints in the Sand

I've taken a weekend off from pet sitting and headed to the beach. As I walked along the shoreline this morning, I noticed the sand was dotted with tons of adorable paw prints!

There's nothing better than seeing evidence of happy dogs playing at the beach.

Some prints were big, some were small, some had clear toe imprints, and others were just shapeless smudges in the sand.

I like to imagine the story behind each one. Were those tiny prints left by a energetic puppy running around? Did that big dog with the distinct claws plod slowly and take in the sights and smells?

Based on the meandering path of one set, I bet there was a friendly pooch wandering along with its human, taking time to splash and explore.

The beach is a dog's paradise, full of sights, sounds, and smells for them to experience. It warms my heart to see proof of so many pups enjoying this dog-friendly space. The beach belongs to everyone - two-legged and four-legged friends alike.

To all the dogs who left their prints, thank you for letting me glimpse into your beach day!

May the tides keep bringing you back so you can continue leaving your marks in the sand.

Keep running, playing, splashing, and making memories with your humans here. We love seeing evidence that this is your playground too!

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